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Trading strategies

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Assessment question

Central banks set monetary policy at regular intervals throughout the year. It is necessary as a trader to take a view on what the outcome of the upcoming meeting will be.

Try and determine the outcome of the next meeting of EITHER the Bank of England, Federal Open Market Committee or the European Central Bank.

It is important to review the last meeting and any factors that may influence policy in-between then and now.


Your essay should clearly demonstrate analytical, critical and evaluative skills and address your chosen central banks path of monetary policy for the current meeting and the foreseeable future.

Evidence is expected of a wide background of reading and research, without which above average grades are unlikely. All references should be acknowledged (see Library hand out on reference styles – Harvard approach is strongly recommended) However when quoting central bankers name and time of comment will be fine. Good standards of written English and presentation are expected and marks will be deducted if such standards are not met. Your essay should include a separate introduction and conclusion.

In summary:

  • Examine the central banks path up to the current meeting
  • Explain what the central banks will be looking at to determine their decision
  • Discuss what trading strategies could be employed with your conclusion on where policy will be set at the next meeting.
  • Support your arguments with figures, charts, tables and central bank speakers.
  • Offer suggestions on what you think should happen if it is different to what you think will happen.


The essay should be typed on A4 paper, Times New Roman, 12 point font, aligning text to both left and right margins, double spacing and should be up to 2000 words, excluding the reference page(s), bibliography and appendices (if applicable).

Marks will be deducted for excessively short or lengthy essays. Separate word counts should be displayed on the opening cover of each individual coursework.

The essay should have attached the official cover sheet with the student number, course, module number and title. Please keep a copy of the essay for your own records.


“Plagiarism is the practice of presenting thoughts, writings or other output of another or others as original, without acknowledgement of their source(s).” All material used to support a piece of work, whether a printed publication or from electronic media, should be appropriately identified and referenced and should not normally be copied directly unless as an acknowledged quote. Text translated into the words of the individual student should in all cases acknowledge the source. For further information please see:

Before submitting the essay, you should check through it to ensure that:

  • any material that has been identified as originally from a previously published source has been properly attributed by the inclusion of an appropriate reference in the text;
  • direct quotations are marked as such (using “quotation marks” at the beginning and end of the selected text); and
  • citations are included in the list of references.
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