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Write an Introduction/overview of the guide for your staff explaining what this guide is used for.

Write an instruction of what your preferred standard research style/research to find a new supplier would be including a summary of the evaluation process for NEWsuppliers that your staff can read and follow.

Refer to your draft/sample document attached in your toolkit of the relevant information of the supplier to investigate/evaluate.

Write an instruction of what your preferred standard introduction process to contact a new supplier would be.

Refer to your draft sample/template of a letter or email of introduction to a potential new supplier in the toolkit attached.

Write a list of main important points of the supplier when developing a shortlist of preferred/recommended new suppliers including capacity to supply, cost competitiveness and quality service

Write a summary of what your standard and preferred KPI’s would be for your new suppliers. (These KPI’s will need to be measurable).

In this section you are telling your staff how you would like their new supplier recommendations presented to yourself as their manager. See pg 2 Internal Report Document for guidance.

Write standard instructions on how to prepare an internal report document sample (eg: Internal memo, email etc) addressed to your manager overviewing outcomes of your research for potential new suppliers.

You can also refer to the draft/sample in your toolkit.

Toolkit of Preferred Draft/Sample Documents for
Staff Dealing with
New and Existing Suppliers


Start inserting your draft samples here, label each different one and include those in your above instructions to staff.

Add paragraph text here.

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