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Personal Project - Long-Form Writing

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Personal Project - Long-Form Writing

Indicative DRAFT Only

The Project

This project is a long-form writing project where you are required to

come up with an interesting economic question, and provide some insight on

this question using the methods and tools discussed in this course. Specif-

ically, you will notice some behaviour in you everyday life which you nd

unusual and which might be amenable to economic analysis. You will ex-

plain this behaviour, and provide some work towards analysing why this

happens using the tools developed in this course.

Your explanation should include references to work done by others on

your economic question. It may also include appropriate graphs and equa-

tions. Your explanation may be of strictly narrative form, where the phe-

nomenon is discussed without the use of graphs or equations, and with only

reference to your own thoughts (and the ideas developed in class). Whatever

is most appropriate for your chosen question is ideal.

Assignments of this type are sometimes call \Economic Naturalist Writ-

ing Assignments". Many example economic questions for this type of as-

signment are available online. I encourage you to come up with your own

question that is of interest to you.

Important Details

Due Date: 5pm, 19th of October, 2018

Word Limit: 750 words

Submission: Turnitin on Wattle

Word Processing Software: You must use LATEX (or similar) to write your

assignment. Microsoft Word is not acceptable. A LATEX template for the

assignment is provided on Wattle.


Requirements and Recommendations

You are required to:

Choose a topic based on the description above.

Complete an original report on your chosen topic of no more than 750

words. A 750 word report should be less than 3 pages, even with any

pictures/graphs you wish to include.

Write your paper using LATEX or similar. [Microsoft Word is not ac-

ceptable. A template is available on Wattle.]

Submit the paper on Wattle using Turnitin in pdf format by the dead-


It is strongly recommended that you:

Choose your topic soon. Ideally nalising your choice by the mid-

semester break.

Endevour to choose a topic you nd interesting and unique.

Talk (briey) to your tutor, or at the Help Desk, about your choice of

topic. They will have useful comments to make.

Use the Report Template from Wattle to structure your paper.

I encourage you to:

Talk about your ideas with other people from class or your social circles.

Bouncing ideas o others is great for clarifying your ideas.

If you're idea is not working out, and you have time to spare, dump it

for a better one.

Complete a draft, which can be looked at during the Help Desk times.

Submit the work to Turnitin a little early. Particularly if you have not

used Turnitin before; it can be volatile at times.


Marking Rubric



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