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MCD2050: Marketing

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MCD2050: Marketing 1

Trimester 2, 2018

Major Assignment: STP Analysis

Status: Individual task

Weighting: 10%

Word limit: 1200 words (+/- 10%)

Due date & Time: Saturday 28th of July 2018


Your assignment detailed below is based on a specific context in which marketing occurs. In week 1 or 2, within your tutorial you will select a topic and specific product. The organisation you choose must be based in the country in which you study.

You cannot use a topic for your assignment other than the ones listed. Those who use topics other than those listed will be automatically marked as a zero.

Significant marks are allocated for evidence of research and the application of information obtained from this research.

Major Assignment: STP Analysis

This is an individual assessment – 10% - 1200 words

You have recently gained a position as a junior marketing assistant within an organisation. Your boss (the marketing manager) has asked you to identify target markets for your offer and to describe how the product is positioned within the market.

You are required to include the following areas:

• An introduction of your selected company and specific offer.

• Identification and justification of the targeting strategy used.

• Identification of a target market for your specific offer.

• The use of segment variables to describe your target market. Justification of your selection and the appropriateness of your target segment for the selected offer.

• The illustration and explanation of a positioning map, to discuss and justify the position of your offer relative to competitors within the market.

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• A conclusion.

You are required to demonstrate that you can write in an effective manner, that you understand basic marketing concepts and that you have the ability to appropriately apply theory to practice. To demonstrate your ability to apply theory to practice you must illustrate your answer with a specific offer and specific target segment that is available in the country in which you are studying from one of the following scenarios.

Scenarios Trimester 2 -2018

• Wrist Watches (no smart watches) e.g. Rolex, Seiko, Swatch, Tag Heuer

• Electric Toothbrushes e.g. Oral B, Philips, Colgate

• Cruise Liners e.g. Carnival, Cunard Line, P & O

Suggested word limit and format

This assignment is to be written as a structured essay and should be a maximum of 1200 words in length, excluding cover page, title pages, and references. Times New Roman, 12 point, 1.5 line spacing, and standard page margins. APA (in text) referencing system. Minimum six references (at least two from recognized academic sources).

Essay Writing Guide Major Assignment

The format/layout of your submission is to follow that of a structured essay. The Major Assignment marking guide will assist you in ensuring that all elements required are covered.

The Q manual should be consulted to ensure that the major assignment is correctly written and formatted. This can be purchased at the book-shop, accessed in the library or at

Submission date & time: Major Assignment: Week 6 – Saturday 5pm

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Applications for extension of time: Major Assignment

Submissions for an extension of time for the completion of assignments must be presented in writing and approved by the Team Leader. A copy of the special consideration form is available on:

Extensions will only be granted with current and legitimate proof – current medical certificate, counselor’s certificate or other appropriate documented evidence. The Team Leader reserves the right to deny an extension if proof of incapacitation is not sufficient. Extensions will not be granted on the day of assignment submission. Extensions cannot be granted by your tutor – only by Team Leader.

Students should back-up their work. Extensions will not be granted for loss of work or printer problems.

On completion of an assignment granted an extension, you must hand in your assignment in person to the Unit Leader on the pre-agreed date with a copy of the Special Consideration form attached.

Penalties for late lodgment: Major Assignment

Assignments are to be submitted by 5:00pm on the day of submission. 5.01pm is considered late. An assignment that is assessed to have arrived after 5.01pm will incur a penalty of 10% of the assignment grade. An additional 10% penalty will apply for every 24 hour period following the set submission time.

Grades available: Major Assignment

The criteria sheet will be filled in by your tutor at the time of grading. This sheet provides a guide to the important areas to be considered within the specific assignments. The most critical task is to answer the question in a manner that demonstrates analysis and a clear and logical argument. Section 1 of the criteria sheet is where the weighting of the grade is allocated – first and foremost you must answer the question.

Grades are awarded in the range of N (fail) to HD. Please refer to the inside back cover of this unit guide for details of the broad requirements students must meet to achieve specific grades. Your final grade is achieved by meeting these requirements and those detailed on the criteria sheet.

Return of Assignment

The Major Assignment is to be returned two week from submission date.

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