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MGSYS201-18B Digital Business and Supply Chain Management

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 MGSYS201-18B Digital Business and Supply Chain Management

Individual assignment: Future logistics operations

Due date: 4pm, Wednesday 24 October 2018 Percentage of overall grade: 26% Submission method: Moodle Document type: Microsoft Word only


The purpose of this assignment is to apply the concepts covered in class as well as the information and details from your own research to a business scenario. This assignment has, therefore, both a theoretical and a practical component.


This assignment is based on the analysis of the diagram entitled ‘Future logistics operations’ (source: DHL, 2018). This diagram illustrates how digital technologies are changing logistics and supply chain operations and, ultimately, the management of customer demand and customer deliveries.

Write an essay to answer the following question:

How will digital technologies change logistics and supply chain operations in the future?

You may consider the following questions in your essay:

 Which digital technologies can be used to improve logistics and supply chain operations (please focus on the technologies represented on the diagram)?

 How do/will these technologies enable more efficient and/or more responsive flows of goods and information?

 What benefits will these technologies generate for both companies and consumers?

Since the essay is expected to build a coherent and logical argument, listing the above questions and providing answers is NOT appropriate.

You should integrate as many course concepts as possible into your discussion but ensure that you remain focused on the main question (How will digital technologies change logistics and supply chain operations in the future?).

The use of diagrams that support your argument is encouraged and will be rewarded (in particular diagrams that you have developed yourself). Please place your diagrams close to the relevant text and make sure that your essay text links to them to show their relevance.

You are required to complete this assessment task individually. The maximum word count is 1,500 words from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion (i.e. excluding diagrams and the list of references). Please include your essay’s actual word count on the cover page of your assignment. The WMS Assessment Cover Sheet is available in the ‘Resources’ folder of Moodle. Please fill in this document and save it as the first page of your assignment.

Please use a 12-point font and a 1.5 spacing. All sources must be properly acknowledged by using the APA referencing style ( A minimum of 10 references is expected. Please consider the variety and quality of your sources.

The full marking criteria are presented in the table below. Please ensure that you submit your essay by the due date as late submission penalties apply (as per the paper outline).

Marking criteria Criteria

0 → 40

50 → 70

80 → 100


Clarity and quality of writing

Rambling, some irrelevancies and grammatical errors, incomplete and/or illogical statements

Reasonably succinct and logical, simple and understandable, mostly error-free

Succinct and poignant, clear and grammatically correct, logical and coherent statements


Mastery of concepts

(WHAT is it?)

Limited evidence of conceptual understanding, description often incorrect

Reasonable coverage of concepts, description not completely correct

Complete comprehension of concepts, description correct and precise

Depth of argument, justification and illustration

(WHY is it this?)

List of points or sweeping statements without justification, no/little evidence provided to support conclusions, not linked to practice or illustrated by examples

To varying depth relevant and reasoned argument, justified through practice and/or examples, conclusions generally supported

Conclusions supported by high-quality and in-depth analysis, comprehensive justification illustrated through appropriate evidence and illuminating examples

Structure, organisation and integration

(HOW does it fit together?)

No meaningful integration, points and statements are not brought together to address question(s)

Generally organised to facilitate understanding, partially integrated

Logical structure used to facilitate understanding, points and statements effectively linked together, fully integrated


Research and conformance to referencing standards

Inadequate evidence of research, insufficient number of references, sources poorly acknowledged, incorrect referencing style

Some research, inadequate variety/quality of references, sources in the main acknowledged properly, inconsistent application of the APA referencing style

Appropriate level of research, various and high-quality references, all sources properly acknowledged, good use of APA referencing style

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