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WOB Assesment Oct 2018

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Assessment Brief: World of Business

Module Code and Title

IML3101 World of Business

Module Tutor

Ala Tchalabi

Tutor with responsibility for this assessment

Ala Tchalabi

(Element Number), Weighting, Type and Size of Assessment

001: 100% Coursework: 50% Report (Business Plan Summary) and 50% Final Presentation (summary of Portfolio Tasks).

Submission deadline

Report: Monday 3rd December 2018, 11:59pm on Moodle via Turnitin link.

Presentation: Week Starting 10th December 2018; exact day & time for each group to be listed on the course Moodle page.

Arrangements for submission

You need to email a copy of your presentation to by Monday 10th Dec 2018

Assessment Requirements

In your assigned group you are required to create an integrated Business Plan for one of the business ideas below. You will be assigned a business idea and a group. You are required to:

  1. Write and individualBusiness Plan Summary using the template available on Moodle. 
  1. Present your findings in a group presentationsummarising the 6 tasks below.

Business Idea:

When making your University choice you are overwhelmed with choices. A website that empowers students’ decision making by enabling student to student feedback can help students make a more informed choice and get a better insight into prospective universities and courses based on feedback of existing students. You are starting an online feedback platform similar to the model of but more focused on education providers. Your business model can be similar or different to that of Glassdoor’s. There are already a number of similar websites so you need to be able to identify how you can add value to compete and succeed.

For the business ideas, you are not expected to gain a deep technical knowledge of the relevant industry but rather apply the business concepts that you have learned during this course, particularly the topics relevant to the portfolio tasks below, to set up and launch a business. You can chose your own idea if it is approved by your teacher.

For the final marked assessment you are required to create a grouppresentationand write an individual summary report(1,000 words) incorporating all portfolio tasks and presenting your findings in a range of formats.

You are expected to use several relevant academic sources for referencing including text books, academic journals and other credible sources (from EBSCO). As part of your portfolio, you need to complete the six tasks detailed below.

The six portfolio tasks are as follows (tasks are usually performed during your seminar class):

Task 1: Week 2 (Elevator Pitch) + A4 individual report (submit by the end of the week on Moodle).

  1. Briefly explain your business idea. Setting business objectives and highlighting the components of your Business Plan. 

Also, in your groupyou are required to create (and attach as appendix to your individual report):

  • A SWOT analysis summary Chart (A4).
  • A Business Plan Summary Chart (A4).

Task 2: Week 3 (Group Presentation) + A4 individual report

  1. Briefly discuss one element; of the economic; one of the competitive; one of technological; one of the social and one of the global environment, your business will be operating in. 

Also, briefly highlight your business’ social responsibility and outline why it is important.

Task 3: Week 5 (Paired Discussion) + A4 individual report

  1. Choosing a form of Business Ownership: Highlighting the different options available and evaluating the differences to justify your choice. You should discuss and list at least four Advantages and Disadvantages of the following:
  1. Sole Proprietorship.
  2. Partnership.
  3. Forming a limited liability company.

Also, in addition highlight the role of Small Business in the economy and significance of entrepreneurs in the future of business.

Task 4: Week 6 (Group Discussion) + A4 individual report

  1. In assisting your decision making, an essential part that need to be mastered is the Financial Management and Accounting of the business. Highlight your financial plan and briefly discuss the different types of financing available. You are also required to create, in your group, a three months cash flow forecast summary (A4). 

Task 5: Week 7 (Video) + A4 individual report

  1. Create a promotional campaign to support your business launch. You are tasked with creating a promotional video as part of your marketing campaign. The video can be from 20 seconds to 2 minute in length. In planning your promotional campaign you need to consider the following:
  1. Target audience
  2. Specific campaign objectives 
  3. Media strategy and Channels; where you plan to post the video. 

You need to consider campaign objectives and the role of social media in promoting your business. Explain how you can achieve business objectives through social media.

Task 6: Week 8 (1:1 Interview) + A4 individual report

  1. Explore how you can attract and retain a competent and flexible workforce. Discuss the stages of recruitment, selection and induction. 

You are required to design a job advert that includes a job description and personal specifications (A4) for a role you are hiring for. You are also required to produce an A4 document with standard interview questions for this role. You can work in your group to produce both documents and should attach them both to your individual report in the appendix.

Week 9: Finalising Report & Putting everything in business plan together.

Week 10: Final Report Submission

Also:Mock Presentation& Preparation for Final Report

Week 11:Final Presentation

Submitting a 1,000 words, individualsummary report of all the above tasks using the Business Plan Template on Moodle (50% of total module mark), with a;

  1. Business plan summary chart. 
  2. SWOT analysis chart.
  3. Three months cash flow forecast.
  4. Job advert sheet (A4). 
  5. An interview question sheet (A4).

All 5 attached in the appendix.

The Portfolio Compilation, report and Presentation should demonstrate planning, research, analysis, the ability to build a coherent Business Plan and show understanding of the methods of organising business activities. You are expected to refer to your core text and other credible academic sources.

Guide for Power Point Presentation:

  • Your final group Power Point Presentation should be 15-20 slides (15-20 minutes). 
  • You are marked as a group on your ability to work together, present your ideas clearly and demonstrate critical analysis. 
  • You are expected to play your promotional video during or after your presentation followed by commentary and justification of the choice of video content and marketing campaign.  
  • You are expected to contribute equally to the preparation and presentation of your work. 
  • Your slides should have easy to see font (24 point minimum), be easy to follow and clear 
  • You are encouraged to use relevant diagrams and charts for illustrating your points.
  • You shouldn’t just read of the slides; you are expected to use them as a guide only
  • Your presentation should have an introduction, main body and a conclusion summarising main points.
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