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Griffith University 7201ENG7201ENG

Project Management

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Due Date: Monday 18 Mar 2019, 17:00
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4
Weight: 10% (20 Marks)
Criteria & Marking: This is an individual assignment. The assignment should be approximately 700 words in length (+/- 10%). The sections in the assignment report must be structured according to the requirements listed in the task description.
Specific requirements and marking criteria will be made available on Learning@Griffith.
Description: In this task, you will be required to reflect on a project (either past or present) that you are/were involved in (either directly or indirectly). The reflection will be related to how the project you have chosen fits the definition of a project and how its lifecycle can be mapped out. You will also be required to identify the organisational structure of your parent organisation and how this structure influences the management of this project. Your reflection must address the following:
1. The background details of the project chosen: What is this project about?
2. How does the project fit the theoretical definition of project discussed in Module 1?
3. The influence of your parent organisation’s structure on the management of this project: Explain under which organisational structure (Functional, Projectised or Matrix) was this project carried out within your parent organisation? Include charts/diagrams where necessary.
4. Identify and describe any major challenges/issues associated with the management of this project as a result of the above organisational structure.
5. Briefly describe the lifecycle of this project using the “Conception – Definition – Execution” framework as discussed in Module 2.
Submission: Electronic submission via Learning@Griffith. This assessment item will be submitted, marked and returned electronically and will not require a cover sheet.

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