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Global Strategic Management

The assessment for this module consists of TWOelements as outlined below. Assessment will be done in accordance to the DMU assessment regulations (see further below for an excerpt of relevant provisions).




Podcast *



8 minutes

1250 words (use as a guide)


Weeks 19,20,21



2 hours



* See below; Your deadline depends on your choice of organisation

You will need to select one of the organisations identified below and then record a maximum of an 8-minute audio podcast and a transcript (max 1250 words) that addresses the current issues and/or problems that the organisation is encountering. Your podcast, to be uploaded to Blackboard by the stated deadline, should be structured so that it focuses upon:

  1. The current performance of the selected organisation.
  2. The organisation’s competitive environment.
  3. The reasons for the current performance (this could be competitive forces, good or poor decision-making, internal organisational problems, market changes and wider macro-environmental factors et cetera)
  4. A recommendation as to a suitable course of action for the organisation to now pursue or what they should have done (re-investment, change of strategy, divestment, change of culture/leadership et cetera)

Note: Each student must ALSO upload a full word document transcript of the podcast to Turnitin. This should include a complete reference list of sources used as well as in text citations to reference insights and information derived from these sources. Please use the Harvard Referencing style. A guide will be posted to the module Blackboard shell. In-text references and the reference list should not be read out as part of the podcast. These sources should not be read out as part of the podcast however. Audio files will first need to be recorded using your own; PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.

Select one of the following three organizations for analysis:

Wk 19 (5thFeb) – House of Frasier
Wk 20 (12thFeb) – Toys R Us
Wk 21 (19thFeb) – Poundworld

Feedback and marks to be returned (and available on Bb under):
4thMarch (House of Frasier), 12th March (Toys R Us), and 19thMarch (PoundWorld)

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