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Database for business analysis

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1) Individual Coursework Assignment2

This assignment is worth 50% of the overall module mark.

Coursework Brief

A list of requirements of a database is provided. Your solution should be the creation of an entity- relationship diagram using Chen’s notation, and a table relationship diagram from Access, based on the module contents on databases. You should submit a Word processed report following a typical report structure, to show the diagrams and your own understandings of the relevant topics, by giving a detailed account of how the requirements have been translated into the diagrams, the reasonsyou have chosen those particular methods, the meanings of the diagram components used, and the conclusions you have drawn. You are NOT required to discuss any general theory of database design and modelling, and should focus on the specific problem given below. The Access database file is NOT required for submission, but snapshots of your Access database should be included in the Word report to demonstrate the steps in creating the table relationship in Access, as well as those zooming different portions of the entity-relationship diagram, to facilitate the explanation and discussion.

You must design a database system to maintain data associated with a company. The fifteen sentences below have been produced from a requirements elicitation exercise.

  1. There exist several factories and sales offices in thecompany.
  2. Each factory includes several productiondepartments.
  3. In each production department, one manager is in charge of its overalloperation.
  4. The same manager also oversees all workers working in that productiondepartment.
  5. Some production departments can only produce productparts.
  6. Some other production departments can only produce finishedproducts.
  7. One production department is able to produce multiple product parts or finishedproducts.
  8. Multiple production departments can produce the same product part or finishedproduct.
  9. All finished products are made of several product parts.
  10. Each product part can be used to produce multiple finishedproducts.
  11. Each factory owns a number ofwarehouses.
  12. All finished products are stored in the warehouses beforesales.
  13. One warehouse cannot be used to store more than one finishedproduct.
  14. Each finished product is only sold by one salesoffice.
  15. One sales office sells at least one finishedproduct.
  1. Produce an entity-relationship diagram, using Chen’s notation, which represents the domain of the company, and explain and justify each entity in the diagram and its type, as well as each relationship and its cardinality and participation constraint. Create and assign up to three attributes to each entity in the domain, and choose one attribute from each attribute type created toexplain.
  1. Create two tables in Access for two suitable entities chosen from your entity- relationship diagram in (a), by setting suitable fields (including primary and foreign key) and their data types and field properties (no record needed). Then create a table relationship in Access between the two tables created, represented by a relationship line drawn between the two tables with 1 or on two sides. Explain the tables and table relationship diagram produced, and the steps of creatingthem.
Key Marking criteria will include: (See the rubric on the last page of Handbook)
  • Diagram: Correctness of the diagrams and theirpresentations
  • Explanation: Description and justification of the methodsused
  • Analysis: Interest and usefulness of findings, conclusionsdrawn
  • Understanding: Demonstration of understanding of the keytopics
  • Evaluation: Evidence of independent thinking and criticalawareness
  • Organisation: Clarity of structure and use offigures
  • Writing: Readability and ability to convey ideas concisely andlogically
  • Overall Quality ofAssignment

Individual Coursework Assignment 2 must be submitted by 3PM ON 3RD MAY via Turnitin.

The word limit for individual coursework assignment 2 (excluding references, tables, contents page, footnotes, charts, graphs, figures) is 1,500 words. The word count must be stated in the assignment coversheet.

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