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Business Responsibility and Sustainability

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BHS0032: Business Responsibility and Sustainability

Assignment Brief – Assessment No. 1

Assignment Task

The focus of this assignment is the critical evaluation of corporate social responsibility related topics.

Your task is to select ONE of the following topics and write a critical essay of 3,000 words (maximum word limit will be + 10% of 3000 words).

Topics (Please select ONE topic for your essay)

Topic 1

Corporate Social Responsibility is deemed to comprise of six core characteristics (Crane et al., 2014). Critically evaluate the CSR of a selected company (either local or multinational), examining the integration (or non-integration) of these six core characteristics within their CSR practices.

Topic 2

An outcome of globalization and free trade has been the “race to the bottom effect”, created by extensive government de-regulation of the business environment in developing or least developed countries, resulting in the exploitation of workers in these countries, by Multinational Corporations. Critically discuss how the ‘race to the bottom’ effect has created positive and negative impacts upon workers within a specific global industry.

Topic 3

‘Shareholder Activism’ and ‘Responsible Investment’ have become key global trends in recent years. Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these global trends in relation to their impact upon decision-making for Corporate Social Responsibility. Use examples to support your discussion.

Topic 4

Companies can implement CSR by adopting a range of CSR standards. Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using CSR standards as a way to establish a responsible business organisation.

Topic 5

Governments can use CSR policies to improve business engagement in CSR in a country. Using a selected country (either developed or developing), critically discuss how the specific government has engaged in promoting CSR, examining the effectiveness of these CSR policies.

Specific Guidelines

The assignment should be written in an essay format and should contain the following:

 A brief overview of no more than 100 words which highlights the topic selected (these 100 words in the ‘overview’ are not counted towards the 3000 word limit)

 Critical review of topic (see guidance below)

 A reference list (A minimum of 10 references have to be used – ranging from journal articles, practitioner articles, text books and online materials) – the words in the list of references are not counted towards the 3000 word limit)

Your critical review of topic should contain the following:-

1. Review of Literature – you need to engage in a detailed and comprehensive review of academic and practitioner literature related to the selected topic. This should be indicated by using references and in-text citations within the essay. Use of literature beyond those suggested in your module reading list is expected.

2. Critical analysis of the topic – you must examine the topic critically by identifying either an argument for, or against it, or by analysing diverse aspects of the topic. This critical analysis should be most evident in the discussion of the practice-based implications of the topic to business organisations.

This assignment is worth 50% of the final module mark.

Style of assignment – you must write this assignment using an essay style of writing. The associated format and language must support an essay writing style, and should also be in readable English with correct spelling and grammar.

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